Tuesday, 14 June 2016

When one of the twins dies, parents witnessed the miracle Read more: 

When one of the twins dies, parents witnessed the miracle Kate and David Ogg were dreaming about big family for long time. But their attempts to get pregnant were unsuccessful. 

Many can imagine their happiness when they found out that they will have two children instead of one! They were twins, a boy and a girl, Emily and Jamie. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter But then things turned really bad. 

One problem followed another. Children decided to come to our world much earlier than they should have – in only 6,5 months. 

Children were born on March in 2010, but doctors said awful news – Jamie died… But next happened something extraordinary, and even doctors couldn’t believe in this! David and Kate refused to believe in this news.1

 When nurse brought the child to let parents say final goodbyes to him, they didn’t want to let him go.  Mother and father started to stroke the child, saying how much they were waiting for him. They were whispering tender words to Jamie… And then Kate felt something weird. 

 4There was a slightly noticeable movement of the child. Then another one, stronger, and one more… Parents couldn’t believe their happiness…  …and doctors couldn’t believe that this was possible!  Now kids grew up. Miracles do happen! And mother’s love can do impossible things!  Source: Mail Online

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