Sunday, 22 March 2020

We win new business ,optimize performance in work place and reduce cost /wastage

Are you losing your customers to competitors or economy is making your service not desirable for winning new customers .

Do you sense that your employee are not very productive and gradually becoming nonchallent on the job
And lastly is your operational cost running high and gradually beginning to eat into the business ?
We can help ?
SDIL has a league of International Sigma Certified Business/ Management consultants,Project managers ,Business Coach,Seasoned HR Professionals ,ISO trained to improve the ove
rall performance of the Business (whether in the capacity of working with a Team of executives ,Managers , Senior managers or Owners of the business

SDIL has been assessed and reviewed by the Renowned Learning and Performance
Institute UK as very outstanding in her Business engagement, Service delivery,
Professionalism and Ethics.

SDIL consultants are experts that specialize in assisting companies to discover their most pressing questions

We engage the management and executive team to evaluate the current status of the business,obtaining and analyzing information and its marketplace to set workable goals ,strategies and develop strategies for business growth

We have been privileged to train and recruit from the lowest cadre of Drivers to 
Managing Directors of companies in different industries and

We will happy to help in the drafting of your business plans,improve your business processes ,Business modelling work on your HR /Business strategy in order to reduce cost , improve sales and optimize performance in workplace  .

We will happy in any capacity to help you win new business ,optimize performance in your company and of course reduce cost .

SDIL 08050383215,08033549151 

Thursday, 5 March 2020

SDIL Training Courses for the new month March2020

Happy new month to you


Please see below some affordable training courses for this new Month and April 2020


Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator
Date : March 4th
Course fee:N45,000
CPD certification option

Upholding Ethics,a positive work attitude and Communicating professionally to maximize productivity Date : March 5th
Course fee:N40,000
Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation
Date : March 9th
Course fee:N50,000
CPD certification option

Total Quality management (TQM) and Cost reduction

Date : March 12th &March 13th

Course fee:N75,000
Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business
Date : March 16th
Course fee:N40,000
Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership skills in Managers at workplace   
Date : March 19th
Innovative Strategy for Winning new Business
Date :March20th
Course fee:N50,000

Innovative Business Strategy for Senior Managers &CEO
Date : April 30th
Course fee:N60,000

Improving Business processes and Cost reduction for Team leaders &Managers
Date : March 23th&March 24th
Course fee:N75,000 
Effective Potent Leadership &Efficient Management skills for Managers
Date : March 26th
Course fee:N45,000

Innovative Business Strategy for Senior Managers &CEO
Date : March 27th
Course fee:N60,000

Effective Change management in a workplace
Date : March 30th&March 31th
Course fee:N70,000

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers (MCE)

30 Mar – 02 Apr 20
Venue: Barcelona Spain


MCE's 5-Day Mini MBA

16 Mar – 20 Mar 20

Venue: Madrid Spain

MCE's 5-Day Mini MBA
 330 Mar – 03 Apr 20

Venue:Amsterdam Netherlands


 Highlights/ Benefits
· Early bird registration up to 20 percent off
· Certificate of completion
· Classrooms fully equipped with AC. (Optional)
· Breakfast/Lunch Served
· Certified and experienced trainers
· Access to Discounted Advanced Accounting software to enhance productivity
· Access to Discounted Advanced HR software to optimize performance in workplace
· Access to Free 360 degree business performance software to maximize profit
· Free Advert placement of company’s product/services in the newspapers based on volume 
· Access to Free Business Performance review on your company’s Processes, People and  Technology
· Up to 20 percent discount on our Recruitment exercise and training courses.
· Discounted Pre-retirement training by Asset management, partners (Optional)
· Free Life /Executive/Business coaching session available
Management retreats available

We will happy to help in your recruitment exercise ,improve your business processes ,Business modelling, work on your HR /Business strategy in order to reduce cost , improve sales and optimize performance in workplace .

Take advantage of our  International  Executive and leadership training with our partner Business schools in Spain , Geneva , Germany and U.K 
For booking and registration
Register here :

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