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1. She met him at a Motor Park
2. She was a university student- GREAT IFE while he was only a Polytechnic student in Kwarapoly
(Remember the discrimination) -
she could have Snubbed him-but she

3. His friends complained that he was carrying christianity too
zealously as if he was the only christian-she became zealous.

4. He took her to church in 1976 and made her sign an agreement (SAILING UNDER SEALED
ORDERS) to marry and follow him whether he becomes blind, lame
or handicapped...s he signed.

5. Just before he married her, he told her God had sent him to LIBERATE THE WORLD (while he
was still hopping between jobs)
and went on to resign his job; his elder brother lambasted him, she
stuck to him.

6. He told her God had shown him the key to prosperity-she believed.

7. He told her they would build a 50,000 capacity tent and preach the gospel from private jets-she believed her dreamer lover.

8. He was too 'buoyant' to afford a hotel room on his wedding eve, he slept in his rickety volkswagen
beetle-she married him.

9. During a moment of insane faith, he ordered a mad man to be
put in his car alone with her while she was pregnant; she remained.

10. She saw she was dripping blood while pregnant and explained to him that she had a
miscarriage, he shouted "It CANNOT Happen, Can I have my food please"-she served him food.

11. She just had their first baby and there was no food or money at home. he refused to borrow or
ask or take church money and they were drinking/ eating "CERELAC Baby food' for 3 days-
she ate with him.

12. She came to church one day and saw him so excited with few
members while waiting for service to start; he explained to her that service was actually over-
she laughed.

13. People kept praying for her and her husband as they seemed
to be crazy and needed
deliverance-she kept faith.

14. He announced a new Bible school and she knew there was
no facility; she asked him and he replied "Is it your school"? She
kept quiet.


15. She didn't know they were going to be flying in customized jets round the world.

16. She didn't know he will pastor and she, co-pastor the largest
church auditorium in the world.

17. She didn't know he will be a father to millions all over the

18. She didn't know he will be hosted by Presidents and Heads
of States of nations.

19. She didn't know he will be a Chancellor and Pioneer of one of
the best Private-owned
Universities in the world.....and six

20. She woke up one day on her sickbed in the USA and unexpectedly saw her hubby who had flown in quietly from Nigeria
and had refused to wake her up.....he was kneeling on the floor by her legs and crying 'Lord, heal
her and prove that you sent me"- She got healed miraculously...
She didn't know ......

# All she saw was a Man with A BIG GOD inside him. Her name is "FAITH"

Source : Copied from Leke Beckerof Zaku
and updated.

Phrases Women Say That Men Love To Hear

We’ve talked about the things women love and hate to hear from their guys, but what about phrases women say that men love to hear? Men think we’re complicated, but they can be just as so. What do they want, what do they like? For many of our men it’s not all about sports and beer, and that’s why I’m here to help with these phrases women say that men love, so the next time you are trying to cheer up your guy you’ll know just what he’ll want to hear!
1. Compliment His Looks
One of the best phrases women say that men love to hear is, “You look good,” or something along those lines that compliments his looks. Whether you tell him his hair looks good, his arms look buff, or that his looks overall are great, he will just eat those words right up and melt like butter! Every time you think about asking him how you look when you’re going out, remember to compliment him on his looks as well.
2. How Strong And Masculine He Is
Since we’re already telling him how buff he looks, go a little further and say how strong he is as well. All guys, built or not, like to hear that they’re strong and can do something for their partner because they are stronger. Boost your guy’s confidence by asking him to open something for you or carry a heavy box to show him that you can’t do it because you’re just not as strong as he is.
3. You Need Him
Men are no different than us, they like to feel wanted and needed too. When the setting is just right and you two are having a romantic evening together, tell your guy how much you need him and can’t live without him. It’s all about timing, ladies. You don’t want to tell him this if you haven’t reached that connection yet, and you certainly don’t want to say this if you are having a fight and might go your separate ways.
4. Turn Him on
Don’t put him in the position of being the one who always tries to get things hot between the two of you. Make the first move tonight and say things that move the conversation into the bedroom. Tell him that it’s his night to be taken care of and start off with a nice back massage to get things started.
5. He Makes You Proud
Whether he is an amazing dad, works hard at his job, or he’s just an all around amazing guy, tell him how proud he makes you. Guys don’t always get the credit they deserve; everyone always makes a big deal about working moms, but what about working dads? Make this weekend all about him and show him what a great job he is doing with cards from the kids or a surprise favorite meal and dessert!
6. Give Him The Night off
We’re always making plans to do things; someone is having a birthday, it’s time for yet another holiday get together, or you need to go shopping for so and so. Well, tonight give your guy the night off, heck give him the weekend off! He works all week and doesn’t ever get to just stay home on the weekend because there is always something that needs to be done. Telling your guy, “Honey, let’s stay in this weekend,” will probably be one of the best phrases he has heard in a long time!
7. I Love You
Sometimes when we’re so comfortable in our relationships we don’t say “I love you”, as much as we should. These three words have so much meaning behind them, but we tend to just go about our day without saying them. So the next time you’re at work thinking of your guy, just send him a little text to show him how much you love him.
What do you think of my list of phrases women say that men love to hear? Are there any phrases you think are missing? What does your guy love to hear you say.

Klitschko Pulls Out of Ukraine Presidential Race

Former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has pulled out of the Ukrainian presidential race.
Klitschko will instead run for mayor of Kiev, as he has decided to back tycoon Petro Poroshenko to avoid splitting the pro-Euro vote in the May 25 elections.
Both men played a key role in months of street protests that led to the ousting of President Victor Yanukovych.
Vitali Klitschko is a Retired Former WBC Champion.
Vitali Klitschko is a Retired Former WBC Champion.
Klitschko’s withdrawal could mean the race is likely to be between Mr. Poroshenko and former Prime Minister Yulla Tymoshenko.
The forthcoming election s are seen as a crucial step in leading Ukraine out of their deepest political crisis since its independence in 1991. AN interim administration is currently in place in Kiev, led by acting President Olexander Turchynov and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Brain Damaging Habits You Must Stop!!!

1. No Breakfast
People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.
2 . Overeating
It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.
3. Smoking
It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.
4. High Sugar consumption
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.
5. Air Pollution
The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our 20 body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.
6 . Sleep Deprivation
Sleep allows our brain to rest.. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells..
7. Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.
8. Working your brain during illness
Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.
9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts
Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.
10. Talking Rarely
Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain

Mothering Sunday 2014: A Mother’s Choice

Posted on Sunday, March 30th, 2014 at 5:59 PM By Damilola Ogunrinde
She said she was ‘only a stay at home mum’ as she avoided making eye contact with me. I felt bad all of a sudden, it seemed as though I had attempted to open a can of worms that she may have wanted to stay closed forever. The word ‘only’ in the statement and the silence in her voice after I asked what she did for a living seemed to stir something up within me, about the labour of motherhood.
The tale of the working mother vs the stay at home mum is not a new one.
Many women are vocal about their opinions on what method is right and what method is wrong. Many working mothers feel guilty that they are not 100% available when their children are growing up. Whilst some working mothers ask the question; ‘so what do you do from 9-5 when the children are at school? Watch the television in your boubou?’
Obviously, some stay at home mums brand working mothers as selfish, ambitious, and sometimes as undevoted parents. Whilst some of these women silently wish they could actually have some sort of work outside the home.
Women seem to be the main culprits when it comes to criticising their fellow sisters. We criticize too many personal decisions; mothering skills, breastfeeding in public, losing track of their children in the supermarket, children crying in first class on an airplane, chubby toddlers,or my pet peeve the fact that their child won’t stop wailing in in a restaurant. Many times, mothers are never to blame for these situations, and are often as embarrassed as the judgmental observer.
Recently, a friend of mine told me that she and her boyfriend had gotten to a stage in their relationship where they were talking about marriage and kids. She was very happy to share this news as she is convinced this is the man she is going to marry. They are so very cute together I have to tell you; they’ve even picked wedding dates and selected baby names well in advance. However, he wants her to give up her career when she has these children. He wants a wife who will be fully present to raise his children, as he fully capable of ‘bringing home the bacon’.
When she told me this I almost started to panic for her. You see, my friend is a career girl, she is driven, she is motivated, and she has worked really hard to get to where she is today. So when I asked her if she was ok with this idea, she said to me; ‘Of-course not! That will never happen’. I remained silent.
Women have been told several times that they cannot have it all; a husband, well-adjusted children, a trail blazing career and time to pamper themselves. Having it all is a myth; that society has tried to sell to us over and over again. I believe women can have all those things, as long as they truly want it and are willing to work for it. Even though nobody can have it all, we can have a lot of several good things, but it is impossible for anyone, male or female to have everything good. There has to be a balance; that is the law of nature. However, choosing a career over your children or your children over your career should not be one of those things that determine whether you have a balance.
You may say that I am biased, because I was raised by a working mother, who was herself raised by a working mother; who as a working mother raised five working mothers. I somehow feel this to be part of my family heritage, just as it might be for someone else to be a mum who stays at home.
Several times in my life when I have spoken to my mother about career woes and future dreams, she would always remind me that as long as I was doing something I loved, I would be ok. She would remind me of the lady who had been selling her tomatoes at Alade market in Ikeja for several years. One day whilst my mum was buying tomatoes from her ‘customer’; she heard someone call out ‘MAMA DOCTOR’! And she turned around. Lo and behold they were talking to my mum’s ‘tomato-seller’. Yes oh, she had been working and saving to send her only daughter to medical school in Lagos.
The woman’s daughter had recently graduated and started working that year and everyone at the market was very proud and excited about it. ‘Their daughter’ was a doctor! They were elated and had to tell the world!
You see this woman had done this on her own merit, with no help from any man. She had sent her hardworking daughter to medical school to help her fulfil her dreams. My mum assumed that she was going to be leaving Alade market seeing as her daughter was now a doctor, but she exclaimed ‘Ah Kilode? Ise ni ogun ise!’ (Suggesting that she won’t leave the market, as hard work is the medicine for poverty)
To some, that may seem to be another labour of love, but I think she still enjoyed her work. Being around her friends, meeting new people every day, being a silent witness to the lives of others! (Trust me to romanticize everyone’s job!)
So back to my friend and the lady I met who said she was only a stay at home mum. I cannot judge you if you feel that being at home is what is best for both you and your children. So don’t judge yourself either.
Do not put yourself down because you have made a choice for yourself and for your family. As long as you are true to yourself, and love your children as best as you can, I’m sure you’re doing a good job!
Happy mother’s day to all the women out there, who are raising the leaders of tomorrow we love you and more grease!
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I can’t do without my laptop — Prof. Bamgbose


Prof. Ayo Bamgbose
Eighty two-year-old Prof. Ayo Bamgbose tells SUCCESS NWOGU that to stay alive after retirement, one must get busy
How was your growing up like?
Let us skip the primary schools and go to the higher ones. I attended St Andrews College, Oyo, which was a teacher training institution. The wonderful thing about the place was that they instilled a lot of discipline in the students.  Everything that I am today came from that place.  They taught us to be self-reliant; they taught us to be responsible and how to use our hands and brains.
Each student had one quarter of an acre of land to cultivate. We had to plant maize and yams.  When I entered the college I was 16 years old and yet I had to do all these.
Later, I went to the University College, Ibadan, when it was still under University of London.  I graduated with B.A. Hons (Upper Class) in 1960. I also proceeded to the University of Edinburgh the same year for my post graduate studies.  In 1961, I obtained a diploma in General Linguistics and a Ph.D in Linguistics in 1963.
How would you rate the education in those days against what it is now?
They are different.  In those days, we were very few. For instance, when I entered the University of Ibadan, if you are in a hall, you knew almost everybody. But now, we are dealing with 3,000 or 4,000 students and even above.  How can one know all of them?
Also, the conditions are different. When I was at the University College Ibadan, in my hall, I had a whole room to myself. Stewards came to take my clothes for laundry kneeling down.  They cleaned the room and on Sunday, four students shared one chicken. You cannot get that anymore.
The quality of education has gone down today because, first, the facilities are not there. Also, commitment is not there at all levels. You find teachers selling bags and other materials when they should be teaching. Teachers are now traders.
Even at the university level, people should be doing research. But many of them today are pursuing contracts and other personal concerns.
Can you remember one striking experience you had as an undergraduate?
In 1957, I went in for the three years programme because I already had A’ levels.  On that fateful day, the students got together and decided to break fences. The university had erected fences to control movement but the students felt uncomfortable.  So, they grouped and started mobilising other students.  I was in my room and suddenly I heard a knock. When I opened the door, I saw some students and they told me to come and join them.  I said, ‘ok!’  But I did not join them.  I simply closed my door after they had gone.
But when punishment came, we were all sent away. All of us were asked to go home. The entire university was closed down. But after pleading, they brought us back and we paid fines, even though I did not take part. That was an experience!
How did you take it, being punished for an offence you did not commit?
There was nothing I could do.  It was a general punishment.
But you must have felt bad?
No, it was okay. I just said, ‘It was good I did not go out.  Supposing I had gone out and someone hit me, that would have been unpleasant.’
As an intelligent student, you must have had many female admirers or girlfriends?
You mean intelligent students must have girlfriends? My own was book, book and book.  I was very studious. I never allowed myself to be distracted. I used to be handsome, so girls looked at me but I had one focus, which was my education.
Are you saying one can’t combine academics with a relationship?
One can combine the two.  I see some young ones who are in that business.  I tell them that they should have a normal and good relationship devoid of immorality and that they should also be focused on their studies.  They should combine the two but they should know what they are doing. They must not lose sight of their academics and goals in life because if the young man does not progress in life, the lady will find another man.
What about your career life?
I joined the University of Ibadan staff as Lecturer Two in 1963. But I was lucky to get rapid promotion.  Things that now take people 12 or 15 years and even above;   between lecturer two and professor, took me only five years. I was lucky to be one of the pioneers. If I was not a pioneer lecturer, it would not have happened. Today, it takes longer.
How did you met your wife?
I met my wife when I was teaching. I was a primary school teacher and she was also a primary school teacher. I later got married to her.
How did you ask her out?
Why are you interested in that? If you have been together, it is easy.  I was the sectional head and she had to submit her lesson notes to me.  So, I was like her supervisor. Because of her comportment and how she carried on with her duties, I became more interested in her. That is how we started and the rest is history.
Are you satisfied with the university system in Nigeria?
I do not think anyone can be satisfied especially if someone has read the NEEDS report. The Federal Government set up a committee that produced a bulky document on facilities, teaching, in fact, everything in the university system. When I read that report, I almost wept because I saw deplorable facilities in some universities. Girls bathing in the open, people sitting outside the classroom because there are no spaces for them and even toilets that are not fit for even pigs are in some of the universities.  So, a lot is wrong with the system. They need to be put right.
What is the solution?
What should be done is first is to renew the mode of appointment of the leadership of universities. There is too much politicking.  We should make sure that we have competent people in competent positions. If you put someone who is not competent as head of an institution, he would only attract to himself people of like stature that will not ‘disobey’ him.
The university is not a place where you have master/ servant relationships. We are all colleagues and the head is just first among equals. That is the way it should be.
Secondly, government should jettison the mindset that they will not charge fees. Let fees be charged. The same people who send students to federal universities pay lots of money in private secondary schools.  They even send their wards to private secondary schools where fees are charged in dollars. You do not get to the university and then pay a ridiculous amount.
So, let government allow fees to be charged.  You can peg it at a level. Then, the university authorities will add that money to whatever is given to them through allocation and then provide better facilities.
Thirdly, let teachers be well motivated and well paid so that they can deliver properly. What many lectures do in universities is part time, the main work, they do elsewhere. Some of them do part-time teaching in other universities. Some teachers have one main job in one university and three part-time jobs. That would not help anybody because we need to do research to have good teachers.
A good number of university lecturers do not do research anymore either because the facilities are not there or because they are no longer well-motivated to do research.
As far as students are concerned, we should make sure that the method of admission is streamlined. Giving educationally disadvantaged areas preference is not healthy for educational growth.
Admission should be by merit. When people come in through the back-door, they will pass examinations through the back-door. And when they go out for jobs, they will not do well. Of course, they will also get jobs through the back-door. Let us see Nigeria as our country and where merit counts.
Why have you have been calling for a greater use of indigenous languages?
If indigenous languages are not used, we are marginalising a greater proportion of our people; 80 to 90 per cent will be excluded from what is going on.  Even the people who claim to know English Language, which is our official language, are not really competent in it. We need to emphasise a language which people are already good in communicating, to reach them and by reaching them, they can participate.
We are talking of participatory democracy. It can only flourish if as many people as possible actually participate. It is not when some people are up there trying to represent the people who do not know things that are going on.
The Federal Ministry of Finance under Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been publishing revenue allocations of all the states and local governments. I wonder how many people at the local level read it.
If I know that my local government has received millions of naira, I will go to the chairman of my local government and say, ‘Why are you telling me that there is no money? I read the papers and I saw this.’ That is the kind of thing I am talking about. Let the people be informed.
At 82, you still look strong. What is the secret?
I do not know. People have asked me this question many times. I think most of it is by the grace of God.  But part of it is discipline. I discipline myself and do everything in moderation. I do not drink. I do not smoke. Fortunately, I have passed the age of following women. I take my regular exercise and I eat sparingly. So, that is it.
How do you exercise?
I have tried a lot of things.  I used to go the gym to exercise.  At some point, I felt that was too vigorous for me. What I now do is to take a walk for at least one hour.
Not every day.
When was your happiest day in life?
It is difficult to say. Perhaps if you are looking for something and you do not have it and it comes, like the day you get a letter saying you are admitted to some institution, that is something joyful.
When was our saddest day?
My saddest day was the day I lost my mum who I wished saw me grow into what I am now. Another sad day for me was the day my wife died. She was my companion for 50 years and she passed on. I felt very sad and heart- broken that day.
How many children and grandchildren do you have?
I have many children
What is your advice to your contemporaries?
They should be knowledgeable about their health. Many of our people are not knowledgeable about what is going on with their health.  I know people of my age who still drink alcohol.  I am not criticisng them. If their bodies can take it, fine.  There are some of them who will take two or more eggs a day.  That is a source of cholesterol. There are some who will add more salt to their food. All these things are unfavourable to good health but many people do not know. People should be knowledgeable about things that can improve their longevity.
After knowledge, discipline is another strategy. Some of the things I do are not easy.
What is your advice to young people?
They should concentrate on their studies or on their endeavours.  They must not be too money conscious.  People say ‘it does not matter, God will provide.’ I say to my grandchildren, ‘God does not ordinarily provide.  You have to take care of what you have.’
I retired in 1990. How much do they pay me by way of pension? Very small! Yet I live well.  How do I do it? If I had not saved, would I be able to do that?
What is your experience in retirement?
I have to continue to be active. I have done almost as much work after retirement as I did while I was still in service. I continue to write and do other academic activities.  If you come to my house, you will find me using my laptop.  I am always with it. I am always working with my laptop. One must be busy after retirement. Otherwise the person will just die if the person does not engage his energies.

Top 5: World’s most valuable passports for visa-free travel

While many westerners have relatively unfettered access to visa-free travel to much of the civilized world, all of our talk here about second passports may have made you wonder: “What is the most valuable passport in the world?”
To start, it’s not the United States passport. According to Henley, Americans can access 172 countries visa-free. However, European nationals have a leg up on the rest of the world because they enjoy permanent access to the nations of the EU, whereas foreigners may stay only three out of every six months.

Top 5 Most valuable passports for visa-free travel

Denmark most valuable passports
The Denmark passport is one of the most valuable passports in the world for visa-free travel
5. Denmark
Denmark passport holders have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 172 countries, including basically all of Europe and the Americas. As one of the richest countries on earth, Denmark passport holders also enjoy unfettered access to Europe’s borderless Schengen area. Those plans were called into question in 2011, however, when the Danish government suggested cracking down on its borders to keep out “illegal immigrants and organized crime”. The EU balked at the proposal, which a newly-elected Danish government scrapped later that year.
Most valuable passports include Luxembourg passport
Luxembourg passport: the fourth most valuable passport
4. Luxembourg
Luxembourg passport holders also enjoy visa-free access to 172 countries around the world. However, Luxembourg passport holders enjoy visa-on-arrival access in countries like India, which Danish passport holders do not. According to the IMF and World Bank, Luxembourg was either the richest or second richest nation in the world from by purchasing power parity. Luxemburgians have maintained a low-profile in the world, which has helped them build one of Europe’s most successful offshore banking centers.
UK most valuable passports
United Kingdom: it’s UK passport is the third most valuable in the world, with 173 countries offering its holders visa-free travel
3. United Kingdom
United Kingdom passports have been deemed among the most valuable passports in the world, with 173 countries allowing visa-free access to those traveling with one. According to the Henley survey, that makes the UK passport the winner of a three-way tie. However, the UK is not a member of Europe’s Schengen area, which means British tourists must show their passport when entering continental Europe. UK passport holders must also obtain a visa-on-arrival for several eastern European nations, something some other passports on this list don’t require.

Sweden passport is among the most valuable passports
The Swedish passport: the second most valuable passport in the world
2. Sweden
Sweden’s passport is one of the most respected in the world. In fact, all Nordic countries enjoy excellent visa-free travel options to almost anywhere in the world. With 173 countries open for visa-free travel, having a Swedish passport can come well in handy along with the excellent reputation it offers the traveler. Swedish passport holders can not, however, travel visa-free to India, and enjoy fewer visa-free options than holders of the #1 passport do in Africa and Southeast Asia.
Finland most valuable passport for visa-free travel
The Finland passport is the world’s most valuable passport for travel. It offers visa-free travel to 173 countries, including some almost no other passport does.
1. Finland
The world’s most transparent nation (and one of my most underestimated economies) also offers the world’s most valuable passport for visa-free travel. While in a three-way tie with Sweden and the United Kingdom, Finland’s passport offers more commonly used visa-free travel options, including India. Finnish passport holders even enjoy visa-free access to Vietnam, a traditionally difficult country to enter.
Which of these passports would you most like to travel with? Share your comments below.

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How sick does our society get?


 How can  a society breathe
 When her lungs  are darker
 Than  the ravel  eagles  that flees
  In the  darkest night

 How can she see?
 When her sight and memories
 Is all blackness it breeds
 How can  the society feel 

 The dividends of good will
 When her inhabitants  are drunk of greed
 How  can the society  meet  her inhabitant's   need ?
 Where no more do they deem

 Hard work and honesty  has an essential thing
 Now the  society limps
 And mostly  crawling  on her knees
 To please  reduce the  debts at least

So weakly  does her heartbeat
Is  there redemption  nearer scene?
As the  monster  ignorance  devours the youths
Though  slowly dips the truth

How  can an asthmatic society   breathe?
When her inhaler seems aloof
Poverty and unemployment  bears  her fruits and increase
As long as  education  is under siege

Will she ever be free ?
An  appointed  inhaler  of the society
Before  she cease to breathe

Seyi Dekol  2005 (Copyrights reserved )