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25 Interesting Facts About Your Eyes

“The eyes are the windows to the soul” as one well known saying goes. However, there’s just more to the eyes than, well, meets the eye. They allow us to see, first and foremost, as well as allow us to distinguish shapes and sizes at first glance (literally). They also help us recognize our friends and our loved ones. What your eyes do isn’t just limited to these though; so here are 25 crazy facts about your eyes.

25. Eye color can change. Neither blue nor green pigments are ever present in the human iris or ocular fluid. Eye color is therefore something like the sky, it depends on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-colored eyes.

24. If your eyes are blue, you share a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed individual in the world. The very first person to ever have blue eyes lived around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Back then, everyone had brown eyes.

23. Each eye contains 107 million cells and all are light sensitive. Seven million “cones” helps you see color
and detail while the 100 million “rods” help you distinguish black and white. So, less than a tenth of your visual receptors actually detect color.

22. 20/20 vision = normal vision. This number is largely arbitrary but eye doctors determined that people ought to be able to read a chart from 20 feet away. This is normal vision under normal lighting conditions.

21. If you wear glasses that flip mages upside down, your brain corrects your vision. Even though you’d see things upside down, your brain will eventually adapt and you will begin to function as though you are seeing
things right side up (even though you’re really not). There have been several experiments done on this.

20. The eyes blink on an average of 17 times per minute, 14,280 times per day and 5.2 million times a year. Fun fact: you blink more when you’re talking than while you’re reading, We’re not sure about singing though…

19. People say “in the blink of an eye” because it’s the fastest muscle in the body. A blink usually lasts 100 to 150 milliseconds and it’s possible to blink five times in a second.

18. You’ll need reading glasses when you’re older. For around 99% of the population, the age they’ll first need reading glasses is between 43 and 50. This is because the lens in your eye slowly loses its focusing ability with age.

17. The eye’s lens is quicker than any camera’s. Right behind the pupil is the lens, which focuses on objects you look at. Take a moment to look around a room and think about the various distances you’re focusing at. Each time, you do this, your eye’s lens instantly changes focus without you even being aware of it. Compare that with a camera’s lens which takes a few seconds to focus between this distance to the next.

16. Blinking happens to be an enormously important eye function. Blinking helps remove any debris on your
eye’s surface by spreading tears over them. The tears help moisten and lubricate the eyes and they also have important anti-bacterial properties.

15. Everybody gets cataracts as they get older. 
You could think of cataracts as having similarities to getting gray hair in that it’s just a normal, natural change as you age. The average age people first get cataracts is around 70 years old.

14. Diabetes is often first detected during an eye exam.
Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes are often symptom-free, meaning they don’t even know that they’ve got it. This type of diabetes is normally picked up during eye exams as it could be seen as small
haemorrhages from leaking blood vessels at the back of the eye.

13. You see with your brain, not your eyes. 
This may sound obvious but many times blurry or poor vision isn’t caused by the eye at all. The poor vision stems from something going wrong in the visual cortex of the brain. There’s a lot that can go wrong with the ocular system.

12. Your eyes can adapt to blind spots. 
Specific eye conditions (e.g. glaucoma) could lead to blind spots in your vision. This can prove to be immensely debilitating if it wasn’t for the brain and the eyes abilities to adapt, making such blind spots disappear, similar to the way it adjusts the upside down vision we mentioned earlier. It does this by “suppressing” the blind spot in your affected eye and allowing your good
eye to fill in any “blanks.”

11. 20/20 vision is not the best vision. 
In a typical eye test chart, 20/20 vision is the line that’s second from the bottom. The line that’s below it is even smaller and if you can see it, this means you have 20/16 vision. The best recorded human vision, however, was 20/8 which means you could see what normal people see at 8 feet at 20 feet.

10. Your eyes water when they’re dry. 
Tears are made up of three different components, namely fat, mucus and, of course, water. If these three components aren’t exactly in their right quantities, your eyes could become dry. Your brain responds to such dryness by producing more of them!

9. Eyes heal quickly. 
With the proper care, it will only take around 48 hours for the eye to repair a corneal scratch.

8. Newborns don’t produce tears. In spite of their crying sounds; babies tears don’t begin to flow until they’re around 4 to 13 weeks old.

7. Doctors have yet to find a way to do eyeball transplants. The optic nerve, which connects the eyes to the brain, is too sensitive to successfully reconstruct.

6. Eye measurements. 
On average, an eyeball is about an inch in diameter and weighs around 0.25 ounces.

5. Heterochromia. 
This eye condition happens when a person is born with two differently colored eyes.

4. Eye muscles. 
Out of every muscle in the body, the ones that control the eyes happen to be the most active.

3. Working parts.
Your eyes are made up of more than two million working parts to make them fully functional.

2. Shark eyes. 
Shark corneas are very similar to the ones we humans have. Because of that similarity, they’ve been used as replacements in human eye surgeries.

1. Curable conditions. 
80% of vision problems around the world are avoidable or even curable. Advancements in lasik surgery as well as preventive care through supplements and diets contribute to this.

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5 high paying online hustling you can do in 2019

In this era of internet and social media, there are great money making opportunities online for you to explore and change your fortune for good.

One of the easiest way of getting self-employed or to earn additional and life changing income to go into internet based businesses.

The internet business comes with a lot of advantages which includes but not limited to:
Requires low or no start-up capital
It is flexible
Can be operated from any location of your choice
Internet business does not require you to hire staff members
The major challenge that you may face is the lack of skills or knowledge required to operate or run the business of your choice.

The good news is that all the information you need on any kind of online business is available for your use, all you need do is to search the internet for quality resource materials on any topic of your choice.

In this article, we are going to look at the top paying 5 online businesses that you can do anywhere in the world.

It is necessary that you know the internet business is broadly categorized into two major categories;

Serviced based
This is a platform where you can exchange your services, skills, technical know-how for money. This pays even better than some white collar jobs. Examples include freelancing, creative writing, virtual assistant etc.

The product based
The product based platform offers you the opportunity to sell goods or products online to prospective customers. Examples include e-commerce and e-marketplace. The success of this type of business depends on the loyalty of customers

Top paying 5 online business you can do in 2019

#1 Blogging

Blogging is no doubt one of the most lucrative kinds of internet businesses.

If you have the passion or interest for a subject, then you’re ready to start making money with a blog. You can start your own blog totally for free. But since you are thinking of monetizing your blog then I advise that you create your own blog and host it at a low price.

You can own a blog site that writes articles, report news, do gossips post pictures and videos or even combine all together provided it is related to the niche you have selected for your blog.

There are no restrictions on the kind of posts you do on a blog but most importantly it should be something engaging

#2 Freelancing

There is virtually no how you will mention types of online businesses without talking about freelancing.

All you need do is to have the desired skills that people demand for day to day.

You can start as a novice and then develop yourself into a multi-skilled freelancer. Associate yourself with any of the freelancing communities and then start making cool money by exchanging your skills and services.

Examples of a platform where you can exchange your skills for cash are;

#3 Website Design And Development
Website design and development is another lucrative internet business in the world you can start with a small capital. As a web designer, you can leverage the increasing demands of websites and web applications and earn yourself tons of money online through website development for businesses and clients.

The singular fact that every business today both small and big wants to become global and reach a wider range of audience by going online through owing a website makes website development skill a very demanding skill and you can hardly fall short of clients.

One advantage of this kind of business is that advertising your skills is a lot easier especially when you have delivered quality jobs for others.

The visitors of those sites that you delivered in time past becomes a potential client since they will be impressed with what they will see on the site

In case you are considering this opportunity then I advise you start right away by gathering the necessary knowledge needed to succeed as a web developer.

Here are some free online website development courses;

#4 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest online business opportunities that you can do that guarantees you 100% passive income if properly done.

This business is about selling products or goods on a commission basis for a range of companies, institutes which could be a major brand and businesses providing services.

All you do basically is to market the product to prospective buyers while the packaging, shipping, customer complaints/service is handled by the manufacturer of such goods or products.

As an affiliate marketer, you will have to set up a website that is focused on a specific niche. Research competitive keywords for that niche, with the aim of getting a high ranking for those keywords on Google search.

The visitors who come to your site may click on the referral links, and if they make any purchase as a result of your referral, you get paid a commission.

The bottom line is that you earn money by simply promoting other people’s business or services.

Some examples of companies you can affiliate with are;

It may also interest you to know that you can also do affiliate marking on your social media platform like Instagram; you can do so by running promoted or sponsored ads on your Instagram account especially when you have a large number of followers.

#5 YouTube Videos

There is no doubt that YouTube is the largest video sharing community in the world as it stands today.

According to recent statistics, viewers now prefer to watch videos on YouTube than on any other video sharing platform. This makes the possibility to generate passive income from YouTube very high.

The newly introduced YouTube Partner Program offers you the opportunity to make money from creating and uploading videos.

You get paid a percentage of revenue collected on adverts per 10,000 views.

The beauty of it is that the amount of money you can earn depends on how many views and subscribers your channel is able to generate for a given period of time.

You can direct your energy and talent towards creating videos on any of the following needed areas of life using YouTube.
Entertainment videos
Product reviews
Unboxing videos

You can also make money from YouTube if you are creative.

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SDIL End of Year Promo land sales @ 30% discount...

SDIL End of Year Promo land sales @ 30% discount...

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Entrepreneurship is both a way of thinking and of doing. It involves "building something from nothing" and successful entrepreneurs know how to manage and mitigate uncertainty and risk.

The course content is relevant to those individuals thinking about starting a business or who are already in business - large or small, those who are interested in commercialising their own innovations or of others

Gain practical  experience  applying  proven  project  management  techniques and discover  a wealth of valuable, flexible tools that you can use immediately to ensure the success of any project particularly when you are about to start a business .

This course is built around the PMI Methodology best practices currently used in today’s fast-paced business environment. You will learn project management skills through case studies and hands-on exercises that can immediately be applied to your job.

1Reviewing ,evaluating why you want to start a business
2.Develop an understanding of the nature of entrepreneurship and how to win new clientsw
4.Understand how to identify opportunities (problems), develop creative solutions
5.Understand the ethical and legitimacy challenges that face entrepreneurs with new ventures

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
1.Aspiring entrepreneurs
4.Senior Managers

CPD certification option
Highlights/ Benefits
ü Early bird registration up to 20 percent off
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ü Free training on maximizing productivity in workplace after we had two Recruitment exercises or
two SDIL trainings with your Company.
ü Discounted Pre retirement training by Asset management, partners (Optional)
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Luxury 4bdrm duplex ,bq ,swimming pool , gym centre , generator , barbecue spot in a very spacious compound @ sapara william st Victoria island for 14m let

Luxury 4bdrm duplex ,bq ,swimming pool , gym centre , generator , barbecue spot in a very spacious compound @ sapara william st 
Victoria island for 14m let 

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