Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Everybody needs the right Business Model for starting a new lucrative business?

Every business, whether a new business or a lcrative business  needs at least one solid business model to survive and grow. A business model is a plan for earning a profit — the money left over from sales revenue after paying all expenses
A significant advantage of a solid business model is that it can give you a competitive edge over other companies in your industry.
A business model describes your business idea and provides an overall description of how your business should function
 A proper business model helps you to figure out elements such as: Your business concept – what problem are you solving for whom; how you will create customer value; how your product or service will get to customers; how your business will stay competitive; and all revenue and costs you can anticipate.
If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur you probably need answer these questions to take a bold step-
SDIL will properly guide and assist you with the right business model to answers five interdependent core strategy questions-
Who is our target market and how do we reach and relate to its members?
What is the scope of our entire offering and what is outside our scope?
What value promise leads customers to choose us, where value equals benefits from working with our company less the price paid to acquire these benefits?
What advantages and partnerships make it hard for competitors to copy this promise?
What factors ensure our profitability in delivering on our value promise?
At the point of execution we will focus on designing a culture and processes so that the your business can consistently delivers on its value promises

SDIL has a league of International Certified Management consultants, Business Continuity Managers, Business Coach, seasoned HR Professionals, ISO trained to improve the overall performance of the Business
What distinguishes SDIL from other Business /Management consulting firm is our Seasoned consultants with the highest level of competence that meets the standards required to become a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Global. 

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