Friday, 14 April 2017

Study at Fanshawe College Ontario and secure your future !!!!

Study in one of the largest schools in ontario canada with high commitment to excellence in research and innovation

A qualification from Fanshawe college holds considerable value in the eyes of the multi nationals and International companies because they are well aware of the academic rigour our Fanshawe graduates are exposed to .

Fanshawe programs are designed with future employment in mind, using the most up-to-date instructional methods,equipment, and technologies and taught by award winning professors so they are more employable and self reliant even in business.
Take advantage of this opportunity and have internationally recognized degree at an affordable cost,enjoy the highest standard of living and start the journey of permanent residence after stay .
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SDIL is ICEF and CCEA certified and have a first-hand understanding of how the Canadian education system works, as  well as ,good understanding and expertise in overall International Education market in the Caribbean,Europe and the US for International students.
Some of SDIL Educational placement services includes:

Tuition fees information and admission/enrolment requirements collection and release services to enable students to decide whether they can afford and are
Identifying , screening of the Universities,colleges,polytechnics, their programs
and courses, accreditation and rankings
Admissions counseling, admission documentations, validation, verification and proceeding services
Arrangement of offer letter and general counseling for the initiation of visa proceeding
Accommodation arrangement services
Curriculum Vitae (CV) correction and preparation, interview preparation, and
career counseling services for students.
Canada awaits you .
Consult with us for the most Affordable and World class College &Universities in Canada
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