Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Here's Why The Shorter The Working Hour, The More Productive You Become

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It is a typical work day. Were you productive? Do you find yourself staring at the clock waiting for it to strike on the final hour so you can pack up and go? Looking back at the day, how many effective hours were there in that day? How much did you accomplish? A full eight hours behind your desk does not equal to eight hours of productivity. Even those ranked as the best employees probably only accomplish two or three hours of actual work. A shorter working day is managing human energy efficiently, producing innovative bursts over a shorter time.

Shorter Working Hours Equals Higher Productivity

Now about tackling the issue of working hours. If everybody worked shorter hours we would all be happier, healthier, and society would be more sustainable and equal. Economists need to realize that output will be far better with shorter hours.
Studies of longer working hours indicate that it causes mental instability. It increases stroke and heart disease risks as well. With fewer hours at work, there is more time for family and children and taking part in community activities.You become part of your own life. You create connections that keep the world spinning.
Yes, it is a fact that restaurants and hospitals cannot function on a nine to five basis, but management can work out schedules to share the available work
The biggest obstacles that face us in challenging work hours are socially rooted norms. It may not be an easy task to challenge these societal norms engraved in our minds. However, if you realize that the end of working days leave many exhausted to the extreme, the idea of more time for being with our loved ones, our communities and ourselves is a welcoming gesture. It is a challenge worth taking on. Be in control of your life clock!
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