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Training your staff during recession and the untold benefits this year

When the economy is in a recession and costs are being cut in many businesses, there is always a temptation 
to cut spending on training. This ‘saving ‘ can look like a simple way to cut costs quickly, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Research in 2007 shows that companies that don’t train are two and a half times more likely to fail than
 those that do.

According to the Institute of directors survey report as regards training in recession,
they identified the principal benefits of in training during recession as:improved staff
morale (76%);improved productivity and/or profitability (74%);improved customer satisfaction (69%)and 
improved staff retention (62%).37% believed investing in training resulted in improved market share and
 21% that it improved staff recruitment.

This is one of the vital keys to ensuring businesses survive and stay competitive when
theodds are against them, together critically with being ready to embrace the
opportunities as the upturn eventually starts to happen.

SDIL is offering recession proof training that are affordable ,impactful ,flexible and stilluphold International standards at a reasonable cost.

We focus on winning new business for our clients,optimizing performance of processes, people and
 reducing cost&wastage in companies.

Some of SDIL training programs categories at a glance

Our programs categories at a glance
Marketing&Customer service Management
Ø Fundamentals of Customer service&Communicating
professionally in workplace
Ø Customer service -Winning and keeping customers for life
Ø Strategic Marketing for Winning New business
Ø Advanced Sales and Marketing Training for Winning New Business

Leadership development
Ø Team Alignment for Team leaders and Managers
Ø Effective &Efficient management skills for managers
Ø Problem solving and Strategic decision making
Ø 360 degrees Personal empowerment/Personal development for busy executives and Managers

Ø Effective presentation skills and training for Busy executives and Managers.
Ø Motivating Employees &optimizing performance in a challenging economy.
Ø Effective Time and Stress management
Ø Essentials of Management Strategy in Workplace Retreat

Personal development
Ø Fundamental life skills to double productivity at work place
Ø Becoming a person of influence in workplace and relationships
Ø Step to step guide from being an Employee to an Employer /Entrepreneur
Ø Pre-Retirement Course – Managing a New Beginning/New Life
Ø Effective negotiable skills for top executives and senior managers
Ø 360 degrees Personal Development and boosting productivity for Team Leaders/ Managers in 

Career development
Ø Creativity unmask:Preparing students for the future in their choice career and how to excel in studies,Career/business and Life

Executive Development
Ø Building Emotional Intelligence and Effective leadership skills in Managers at workplace
Ø Conflict Management & the Act of Negotiation
Ø Acquiring Fundamental Life skills for strategic leadership in workplace
Ø Transformational leadership and organizational change in work place
Human capital management
Ø Effective Performance Management /Appraisals for HR professionals and Administrator
Ø Upholding Ethics and Communicating efficiently professionally in workplace
Ø Managing the workforce and maximizing performance in work place

Program and Project management
Ø Fundamentals of Project management
Ø Fundamentals of Time,Project and Stress management for Busy executives and Managers in Workplace.

Occupational Health & Safety
Ø NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (IGC)for Supervisors,
Ø NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety-Uk
Ø IOSH UK Managing Safely Course
Ø First Aid, CPR and AED)

IT Risk&Compliance training
Ø Disaster Management & Recovery Planning Course- UK
Ø BCI accredited Introduction to Business-UK
Ø BCI accredited Supply Chain Continuity Management Course- UK
Ø BCI accredited Crisis and Incident Management -UK
Ø Quality Management System QMS ISO 9001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course
Ø Information Security Management System ISMS ISO 27001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course
Ø Fundamentals of Risk Analysis and Management for Managers
Ø Emergency Planning and Response Management course Uk
Ø Information Security Management System ISMS ISO 27001 Auditor/Lead Auditor Course
Ø Analyzing Organizational Risk and Business Impact

Ø Essentials for Digital marketing and strategy
Ø Innovative Strategy for Winning new Business
Ø Innovative Business Strategy for Managers& Senior Managers

In-plant Training

We are open to modifying the objectives, contents of any course of your interest if
that will help us to meet your business and organizational requirements.

Open programs

We run open programs. Among other benefits, it is an opportunity for people from
various companies,organizations,businesses and locations to meet and share

Management Retreat
We facilitate Management Retreats, providing tools and guides for systematic discussions
and strategy sessions of course based on the expectation of our valued client.

² Free Basic Life Insurance by our Insurance partner for a year
² Free online media /PR presence in strategic social networks for up to two weeks .
² Great discount on the Business Performance Auditing of your notable company
² Free consultancy on Investment opportunities in properties
² Up to 20 percent discount on our Recruitment exercise and training courses

We have International Certified trainers,HR ,Business&Corporate Strategist trained to evaluate 
and optimize performance in workplace .

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