Thursday, 5 April 2018

Business Coaching for Team building and Optimizing performance for higher profit margin

Every Business needs at least a Business coach or consultant equipped with the right wealth of information ,experience and skills  to succeed in rather harsh Business terrain .

Is your Team/Department or Company really meeting your company expectation of improved Business performance and Increased profits?

It will interest you to know that some companies are still recording massive profit even in a highly competitive economy

You may need to answer this questions to take a bold step -

Ø1.Are you yet to identify what is holding your business back from being more profitable?
Ø2.Are there opportunities for you or the business to evaluate and to grow or earn profits?
Ø3.Are there business challenge that needs to be resolved?
Ø4.Are you looking at overall improved business performance?
Ø5.Are you desiring improvement needed or wanted in terms of people, structure, 
operations or strategy.
Ø6.Are you looking at staying ahead of your competitors and probably going 

“Following training, employee productivity increased by just over 22%, whereas training combined with coaching produced an increase in productivity of 88%.
Coaching in the workplace positively impacts the bottom line.”
Research by The International Personnel Management Association

Why hire SDIL as your Business coach -
v1.To challenge teams and individuals to extraordinary efforts and results
v2.To increase profit margins
v3.To attract and retain quality, high performing staff
v4.To work with team, departments to increase their productivity ,communication and positive result
v5.To work with an individuals and team to improve performance and leadership skills
v6.To work with the decision makers and business owners as a confidential sounding board

SDIL has a league of International Sigma Certified Business/ Management consultants ,Project Managers,Business Coach,seasoned HR Professionals ,ISO trained to improve the overall performance of the Business (whether in the capacity of working with a Team of executives ,Managers , Senior managers or Owners of the business

We have been privileged to train and recruit from the lowest cadre of Drivers to 
Managing Directors of companies in different industries and

We will happy to help in the drafting of your business plans ,improve your business processes ,Business modelling work on your HR /Business strategy in order to reduce cost , improve sales and optimize performance in workplace  .

Take advantage of our international short courses such as Leadership&Management , Food&Agribusiness, Finance and Business start ups with our distinguished partner GISMA Business school Germany and broaden your horizon and gain international knowledge and experience today 

For more information, call us now SDIL +2348050383215,08125549322
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