• There are 8 different kinds of friends everyone needs in order to feel truly supported.
  • Some of these types are: builders, champions, collaborators, and energizers.
  • 'Builders' help motivate us, 'champions' are our personal cheerleaders, and 'collaborators' are the ones you share a lot of interests with. 
  • It's also important to have a 'companion' friend, who's always around when you need them, and an 'energizer' — who always has fun things to do. 

Do your friends sometimes disappoint you? Ever feel like there is something missing in your relationships?  You're not alone.
Tom Rath and the Gallup organization discovered something interesting: The vast majority of the time, no one pal offers you everything you need from your relationships.
Some of your friends are great listeners… but they're not always there when you need them. Others are intensely loyal… but just not that great at helping you out of a jam. And so on.
We get different things from different friends. And sometimes even with a sizable group you're still not getting all the things you want in order to feel truly supported in life. Kinda like how to be healthy you need the four different food groups — you can't just eat cookies for every meal.
"Friendship" is a pretty vague word. You generally don't even know everything you want from your relationships to feel whole — you just know something's missing. There's a gap.
So Rath and Gallup got to work. They surveyed over a thousand people to find out what the types of "vital friends" were — someone who if they vanished, your life satisfaction would noticeably decrease.
What did these types of friends offer? How do they round out your life? What are those things we all want from a group of friends to feel truly fulfilled?
Rath breaks down the results of their research in Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without.
It turns out there are 8 types of "vital friends." Many of us don't have all of them in our squad, and that's why we often feel disappointed or like we're not getting everything we need. (You have to collect all the different Pokemon to win at the game called life.)
So let's break down the 8 and get the basics on what they are, learn where you might meet the ones that are missing, and find out how to strengthen your relationships with the ones you already have. We'll also look at what you should do to be better at the role which you play in the lives of others.
Okay, time to get friendly...


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